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Top 3 tips to clean your range hood filters yourself

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11:33 AM

Materials You Need

There are just a few things you need if you were going to clean your range hood filter yourself. This starts with a bucket or bowl of hot water, some additional, baking soda, and a bristle brush. These materials will not only help to clean dirt, oils, grease, and other debris that has accumulated in the filter, but also rid it of odours.


Types of Cleaners to Use

Many will use standard to show like they would use to clean their dishes to clean their range hood filter. This can be a very effective choice, but you also want to consider that you may need to use a more powerful cleanser depending upon the filter and your cooking habits.

Those who deep fry or cook with oils and grease more often are likely to find that there is an excessive build-up of grease in the filter. As a result, a degreaser may be necessary to remove all the grease from the filter. You can spray the filter about twenty times with this degreaser, then let it sit. Be careful not to allow the degreaser to touch her hands, as this mixture is slightly acidic and can cause irritation to your hands. So, wear gloves. It is also a good idea to let the filter soak in the degreaser for 30-60 minutes for a more thorough cleaning.

Eight baking soda and vinegar mixture can be quite effective as well. If you boil water in a pot and add three tablespoons of vinegar and two teaspoons of baking soda, then add the filter to the mixture, you are going to see that it will remove grease, oil, and other debris. The chemicals help to remove these elements while the boiling water stirs the filter so that it gets thoroughly clean.


How Often Do You Clean?

You know the materials you need and the types of cleansers you can use, now it is time to talk about how often you should clean your filter. The honest answer is that it depends. If you are a person who does not cook on your stove that often, you may find that cleaning the filter once a year is good enough.

However, if you do an extensive amount of cooking, you may need to clean the filter every two or three months. To be sure, you should inspect your range hood filter at least once a month. Look to see if there is oil and grease build-up on the filter. This regular check-up will help to ensure that it operates efficiently and that your kitchen is odour free.