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Kitchen duct cleaning & how it is done?

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14:09 PM

Your kitchen is an area where you spend a lot of time. Whether it is making dinner, cleaning up, or chatting with friends or family, your kitchen becomes a place that is constantly busy, almost all day long. It is also a place where you are likely to find some of the greatest safety hazards in your home. However, fires started on the stove or oven are not the only issues you may face. It is important to perform the proper cleaning and maintenance, and your kitchen ducts are one such area.

It is important to keep grease, dirt, and other debris to a minimum in your kitchen. In the ducts, oils and grease can build up, becoming hot and posing a potential health and safety risk. Keeping them clean is essential, and this article examines what you need to do to keep your exhaust system clean.


Don’t Try This on Your Own

Many are do it yourself kind of people. They prefer to try to clean things or fix things on their own. However, if you do not know how to properly clean your kitchen exhaust ducts or simply do not have the time, you may want to look into hiring a specialist to help you.

Whether it is for your industrial kitchen or your home, hiring a professional may ensure that you get the job done right. This is an important safety consideration, so hiring someone with expertise and skill in this area may be a good choice.


When You Want to Do It

However, you may be a person who wants to do the job on your own. That is perfectly okay, but there are things you need to do to make sure you are doing the exhaust duct cleaning correctly.

Let’s start with your grease filter. This is the most common area to find issues in your kitchen. Not only does this contraption build up grease, but dirt and other debris is likely to stick to it because of the grease and oils. This not only poses a potential fire hazard, but also poses a risk to your health overall. The purpose of this exhaust system is to give fumes away out of your house, and a dirty grease filter makes it difficult for it to do this.

Ensure that you remove and properly clean the grease filter. The best way to do this is by dropping the filter in a pan or container of hot, soapy water. This allows the oils and grease to break down, cleaning the filter without you having to scrub. When it is clean, allow it to air dry.


Clean the Fan and Ducts

For your exhaust system, you want to clean both the fan and the ducts themselves. This is performed by using a solution of hot, soapy water that you use to wipe dirt, grime, and oils from your kitchen exhaust system.

These areas should be wipe down thoroughly, and we would be to your advantage to do it at least twice. This is also something you should regularly do, cleaning your exhaust system at least once every few months. This helps to keep your house safe and your health safe as well.