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Insurance Requirements

Kitchen exhaust systems should be maintained according to Insurances Act. 1984, The occupational Health and Safety Act, Public Health Act. 2010, Factories, shops and Industries Act 1962, AS/NZS 3666.2.2011 and AS 1851-2012, the requirements for the kitchen exhaust system to comply with these acts and standards are; Monthly filter exchanged, Monthly Exhaust System inspections, Quarterly cleans, six monthly cleans and/or Annual cleans.

Follow these AS 1851-2012 requirements & your system will be covered by your insurances in the event of a fire.

Certificate of Compliance

When we are satisfied with our workmanship, we will supply certification that the kitchen has complied with cleaning requirements.

Job Completion Reports

Grease Cleaners Pty Ltd will supply a Job Completion Report including findings, recommendations, components cleaned, before and after digital images with in two business days. The reports are delivered via email as a PDF or In person as a hard copy completely free.

Kitchen exhaust systems are required to be maintained for insurance purposes.