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Abseiling Kitchen Cleaning – What Is It?

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11:00 AM

 Abseiling kitchen cleaning requires a skilled maintenance team to safely clean a kitchen exhaust system that is either unreachable, too high or simply too difficult to access from the ground.

If a kitchen is located in a high-rise building, it can be challenging to get the exhaust and ventilation unit cleaned without the help of a professional expert. In this article, we’ll have a look at how abseiling kitchen cleaning is an important service for businesses and residential homeowners living in hard to access spaces.


What does abseiling kitchen cleaning involve?


Working at dangerous heights is serious business. For any kind of high-level access cleaning, maintaining maximum safety is absolutely essential. One of the main tools used is an industrial rope - this is designed to get into hard to reach areas, enabling our expert team to perform all your duct and kitchen exhaust cleaning with ease.

Prior to commencing any abseiling work, we perform a full risk assessment to ensure the surroundings are completely safe. This allows us to perform the most thorough clean for our clients without compromising on the quality of our work. Our abseiling kitchen cleaning service includes a comprehensive deep clean, extraction, rangehood and venting system cleaning, filter cleaning and anything else that may be required to get the tick of approval from your local council.



Why is it so important?


For commercial kitchens located in tall buildings, annual exhaust cleaning is a council requirement Australia wide. If not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by an abseiling professional, the risk of excess grease build up may potentially cause a fire hazard; and furthermore also reduce your overall business productivity.

At Grease Cleaners, we believe prevention is better than cure; therefore our main priority is to ensure the health and safety of our customers first, before anything else.

Whether you’re a business owner or part of a body corporate building, you want to ensure your kitchen exhaust is property cleaned at correct intervals throughout the year. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your kitchen exhaust system is safe and hygienic at all times – minimizing the risk of harm to you, your staff and customers.

At Grease Cleaners, we have completed extensive abseiling kitchen exhaust cleans aboard marine vessels, hotels, hospitals, council buildings, fast food restaurants, military bases and various other businesses all over Australia. We are well equipped to handle all your grease cleaning requirements to the highest level.


Tailor Made Cleaning Solutions To Suit Your Requirements


At Grease Cleaners, our customers are always the number one focus. We always take into consideration your specific abseiling kitchen cleaning needs in order to determine the best solution for your home and business.

All our maintenance services are carried out to the strictest industry standards, while following stringent in-house protocols to keep you safe at all times.


Grease Cleaners are experts in all aspects of abseiling kitchen cleaning


You can rely on us to thoroughly clean your cooker extraction and ventilation unit meticulously, promoting cleaner airflow into your ductwork, ventilated ceilings, rangehoods, filters and fans.

For more information on our range of kitchen grease cleaning services, call us on 1300 464 732 or request an online quote today.