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Environmental Impact of Grease and How Proper Cleaning Can Help

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10:00 AM

As a company dedicated to helping businesses and clients properly clean kitchens and other areas where grease accumulates, we have made it our goal to help our clients understand the importance of cleaning and removing grease. Grease damages the efficiency of your appliances, stains your walls and floor, and can pose a health risk to you, your family, and those around the appliances.

However, one of the most important things that we want people to understand is that grease can have a negative impact on the environment as well. Oil and grease pollution is a real thing, contaminating water, killing plants and animals, and damaging soil.

We often think of oils and grease as beneficial in some ways. After all, oil comes from the ground initially and grease is often made of lard or fat from foods like chicken or bacon. However, fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) turn into a solid once they cool down. They harden and create blockages. They clog your plumbing or wind up in waterways where they contaminate water for fish, plants, and other wildlife. In some instances, they can even lead to the suffocation of plants and animals.

What is dangerous about grease is that it has a long-term impact on the environment as well. There are many instances where plants and animals can become coated with grease, depriving them of oxygen, even causing them to suffocate. The grease can also impact the food chain, depriving animals of the ability to eat plants, causing them to start. It can also lead to fires, causing massive destruction and death among the plant and animal population. This is truly a problem that cannot be ignored.


There Are Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean the Grease

What this means is that you need to properly clean your appliances on a regular basis and dispose of FOGs in a way that does not pose a risk to the environment around you.

Before talking specifically about the methods used to clean the grease, we first want you to understand that the products you are using to clean the grease are important as well. You want to use soaps, detergents, or other types of cleaners that do not pose a risk to the environment themselves. There are many chemicals that are put in cleaners that wind up in the soil, posing a risk to bacteria, plants, animals. You want to use something that is environmentally safe, regardless of the method you use to clean the grease.