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High Rise Cleaning & Confined Space

Grease Cleaner can complete a range of jobs at heights. Specifically specialising from high rise kitchen exhaust riser cleans to air conditioning riser cleans, finding the right solution is now just a quick phone call or email away. We offer a range of services in cleaning and maintenance. Some of these services include;

  • Kitchen exhaust riser decontamination
  • Air conditioning riser decontamination
  • Laundry exhaust riser decontamination
  • Applying fire rated duct sealant to risers
  • Access installed to riser if not large enough
  • Anchor point installation
  • Confined space entry

Rope access is the most cost-effective way to carry out riser maintenance, without the need of hiring scaffolding or scissor lifts which can be extremely expensive and time consuming.  This can cause the riser to be completely ignored due to costing. Grease Cleaners have found on existing and new sites that the risers have not been decontaminated in a few years, when in fact most risers should be decontaminated once a year. This is an extreme fire hazard and does not comply with AS 1851-2012.


Ropes access is used to reach those areas which are too dangerous to reach by conventional methods. This is the safest method available for high rise apartments and multi levelled buildings.